Alluramin is a guarantee that no woman will ever resist you! Attract them like a magnet and be happy!

Many men belong to the shy category, they find it difficult to establish a relationship with women and they feel insecure and nervous around them. This does not allow them to fully present themselves and their character. Although they have a lot to offer, women ignore them. Women want a man who is confident, believes in their predispositions and is not afraid to take risks. A perfect guy should take care of a woman and make her feel good and safe in his company. Unfortunately, not every man is able to show the initiative and invite his ideal chosen one on a date. He regularly doesn’t know how to talk to her, what to say and prefers to stand aside, because I feel safer there. At the same time, it often happens that while in company they have no way to show themselves, because another guy is in the lead and he is the life of the party. Fortunately, a group of the most eminent scientists has prepared a technique for shy men that will undeniably simplify their contacts with women. It is about pheromones that make men more attractive. They come from glands that secrete information, even erotic ones, to representatives of the same species. Pheromones are difficult to recognize, therefore they work without human knowledge and it is difficult to see their effect on another person. However, they are so effective that they enhance sexual desire and arousal. Scientists closed them in a special product which is Alluramin!

Alluramin is a modern product that contains only natural pheromones that will allow you to control the heart of every woman! The preparation has a stunning effect on ladies who become passionate about the man who uses it. Women are not able to resist the effects of pheromones and the statement that a man can attract women like a magnet in this case is correct. The specificity is completely natural and safe for the body and does not cause any unnecessary side effects. In addition, it is uncomplicated to use and can be mixed with your favorite perfumes without limits. The pheromones included in the product make men more attractive in the eyes of women and make a stronger impression on them. Such functioning brings a great concentration of pheromones. At the same time, they provide increased sexual attraction and increased interest of women.
The product was made on the basis of healthy elements that increase the self-confidence and attractiveness of guys. They provoke that women intend to spend time in the company of guys who use pheromones. Ladies also feel safe, relaxed and confident. This is an article that is absolutely recommended for men who are not very successful with the ladies. The specificity clearly strengthens intimate desire and strengthens the opportunity for a longer acquaintance. Experiments show that pheromones secrete the appropriate elements that promote success in women. A lady who is near a man who uses the drug feels intensified sexual desire and wants to be in his company. The preparation ensures success and is recommended by both consumers and experts!


Alluramin is a great solution for men who struggle with shyness, find it difficult to find themselves in the women’s environment and lack self-confidence. I find that the product is able to effectively eliminate their problems. It is a preparation that contains only ingredients of natural origin, these are pheromones that have a positive effect on a woman and bring them closer to the guy who uses the preparation. The preparation is reliable in use and does not give any undesirable side effects. It is particularly easy to use as it comes in the form of a spray that should be sprayed around the neck, wrists and elbows. Pheromones stay on the body for up to 12 hours, so it is enough to use the agent once a day. I argue that the article is able to intrigue women and make them especially interested in a man who previously did not attract attention. No woman will be able to resist the charm of a guy who uses the drug. Male pheromones are able to increase a woman’s libido and desire. Men will be incredibly confident, they will believe in themselves and their own success. They will be able to present themselves from their excellent side and show their own benefits. They systematically do not have the opportunity to do so, because if they have competition in the form of self-confident men, women focus their interest on these men. Shy guys are usually not the object of sighs and women do not attract attention to them. It is only transformed with the help of Alluramin. The product makes it easier for men to open up and feel confident with women. Many of them won the love of their lives thanks to the measure. I know a lot of such examples, so I recommend the product many times to men who demand such reinforcement. Pheromones ensure success!

Customers opinion:

Unfortunately, I have always been shy and it was difficult for me to establish a relationship with a woman that I currently liked. I couldn’t dare to ask her on a date. Years passed and I was always alone. I decided to do something about it and trusted Alluramin. He adds pheromones to his favorite perfumes. Thanks to the preparation, I feel more confident, make contacts easier and I hope that I will finally meet the love of my life! Keep fingers crossed!

Somehow I never stood out from my colleagues and the women did not notice me. In fact, I had a lot to offer and on closer examination I am indeed a great person. However, women rarely found out about it. In the end, I decided to check out Alluramin, about which I heard a lot of interesting. I need to emphasize that now I am in the center of attention, ladies see me and I have the opportunity to show my strength! I recommend!

I use alluramin every time I go out with my friends. I love to see their amazed expressions when women are interested in me but not in them. It used to be the opposite! I haven’t told them my secret yet, but maybe I’ll tell them eventually to have any chance of interacting with the ladies as well. I recommend that every man take advantage of the healthy pheromones contained in Alluramin.

In a few months I am getting married with my chosen one. I need to mention that I wasn’t interested in her at first, but my intention was to get her! However, whatever my attempts were unsuccessful and I was devastated. Fortunately, it was then that I heard about Alluramin, which fulfilled my predictions! As a result, my current fiancée drew attention to me and realized what a guy I am. Thanks to Alluramin, she finally let her invite herself to dinner, but then it was over!


The product contains a unique and extremely intense blend of pheromones in its recipe, which can be mixed with your beloved perfumes.

ANDROSTENOL – the so-called an ice breaker that causes men to be perceived as young and healthy
ANDROSTENON – gives men self-confidence and stimulates the respect of the environment
ANDROSTERON – helps to relax in the company of ladies, men are accepted as strong, caring and trustworthy

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