ÉleverBrow is an effective and modern conditioner that will take care of the beautiful appearance and attractive condition of your eyebrows.

Every woman wants to throw a seductive and mysterious look. However, it is not that simple and one of the conditions is having thick, properly shaped and shaped eyebrows. Beautiful and healthy eyebrows can be our strongest asset, which can attract male eyes. As with hair on the head, we should take care of proper eyebrow care. Especially when they are dim and dull. It is worth taking the appropriate means that are able to take care of the eyebrows and improve their condition. One of such preparations that can spectacularly restore the beauty of our eyebrows is ÉleverBrow.
Many factors contribute to the weakening of the eyebrows, which are many times the result of our neglect or exaggerated care for eyebrows. Eyebrows are made of about 200 hairs of various lengths, their lifetime is usually 4 months, then they fall out and are replaced by new ones. Eyebrows are not only an attribute of beauty, but they also warn the eye against dangerous external factors, especially moisture. Additionally, they are also an element of revealing emotions. It is worth taking care of proper eyebrow care, it is important to wash off makeup thoroughly, with products that will not irritate the delicate skin around the eye, use an appropriate and healthy diet and provide the skin with the correct amount of biotin, vitamin B12, B7, zinc or OMEGA 3 fatty acids. you can massage the tired eye area, thanks to which you can improve blood circulation and stimulate the hair to grow faster. Do not exaggerate with eyebrow modeling, i.e. constant hair pulling, because it can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and weaken the hair follicles, which may stop the hair from growing back. It is worth including a useful cosmetic such as a conditioner such as ÉleverBrow in eyebrow care, which allows you to properly care for the quality of your eyebrows.

The conditioner is a comprehensive treatment that will provide tired eyebrows with everything they need to regain their lost color, thickness and strong hair. Thanks to this effect, you can easily style the shape of the eyebrows to make it dazzling. The formula of the preparation is based only on tested and high-quality elements that have been used in cosmetics for years. In addition, they are safe to use and do not cause any unwanted side effects. The conditioner has a great effect and enjoys positive opinions among women and specialists. The agent can be used additionally by men, while using the conditioner is not disturbed by permanent makeup, false eyelashes or lenses. The preparation is safe to use and does not contain any substances that cause irritation. The conditioner guarantees results such as perfectly strengthened and nourished eyebrows, which will be plentiful and have the perfect color. Additionally, having lush eyebrows can be given a favorable shape. In addition, they intensify the development of hair bulbs, which allows them to be carefully cared for.
The product packaging is sufficient for a 6-month treatment. Using the conditioner is trouble-free. It is best to use the product in the evening after thoroughly washing make-up and washing the skin of the face. Then, using the applicator, we apply eyebrow conditioner. The agent is absorbed by itself, while after two weeks of regular use, the eyebrows regain their former appearance, spectacular results are obtained after 8-10 weeks. The preparation is a great way to achieve attractive and thick eyebrows.


I have been running a beauty salon for over a dozen years and I have seen a lot of women whose eyebrows required optimal care and nourishment. Some women, through unnecessary and frequent depilation, lost a huge amount of hair, which unfortunately did not grow so strong. Seeing my clients’ eyebrows, I usually recommend ÉleverBrow. It is a conditioner that is new on the market. It is not only active, but also safe and does not irritate. It contains only experienced and reliable ingredients that have been used in cosmetology for years. I claim that the conditioner is able to strengthen weakened eyebrow hairs, give them a stronger color and thicken them. Thanks to the full therapy, which should last up to 10 weeks, you will get a unique result! The eyebrows will become healthy and well-nourished. It is worth to undergo such treatment from time to time, because many treatments weaken the hair. ÉleverBrow keeps gorgeous eyebrows for an extended period of time. You will be guaranteed that your skin will be properly moisturized and toned. The product is also suitable for men. I am very happy that more and more women take care of themselves and have bought ÉleverBrow conditioner. I recommend this product the most! I believe that every lady who dreams of nice and healthy eyebrows will like it. Let’s not forget that perfectly groomed eyebrows add charm!

Customers opinion:

Due to bad care, my eyebrows lost both thickness and color. I didn’t know what to do to improve their condition. A friend entrusted me with ÉleverBrow. I started applying the conditioner immediately and I have to admit that after two weeks I discovered a significant difference. I am incredibly curious about the target effect and can’t wait!

I used ÉleverBrow conditioner a few months ago. My eyebrows were in terrible condition and I couldn’t look at them. It was the conditioner that made them nice and thick! Thanks to more hair, I was able to get a new shape that highlights my eyes. I am extremely satisfied! I recommend every woman to buy a conditioner!

Due to the excessive depilation of the eyebrows, the hair became weak and began to fall out. I looked like I didn’t have eyebrows at all. I needed immediate help, so I decided to use the ÉleverBrow conditioner! The result is amazing! I regained my eyebrows and the effect I expected! Right now I have perfect eyebrows and eyes! I recommend ÉleverBrow!

I just finished the treatment with the ÉleverBrow conditioner. I must point out that the conditioner strengthened my hair, gave it thickness and good color. My eyebrows have never been so special! I am delighted with the results achieved!


Glycerin – creates a protective layer of the skin, protects it from drying out, makes it elastic and supports the hair, gives it shine and protects it from falling out
Eyebright extract – has a mass of nutrients in its own composition, soothes irritations and inflammations, hydrates the skin, reduces swelling and increases the tightness of blood vessels
Hydrolysed keratin – prevents hair breakage, loss and split ends, also adds smoothness, shine, moisturizes and adds smoothness
Panthenol – hydrates the skin, restores its firmness, fills wrinkles, makes the hair thick, delicate and pleasant to the touch.
Ascorbic acid – or vitamin C, is a rich antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body, also smoothes the skin, moisturizes it and gives it shine and deep color.
Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 – is responsible for proper hair growth, additionally participates in the synthesis of collagen.

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